DOC.SPLASH screening
2.0 hrs
July 10, 2012 7:00 pm Tuesday

Screening of Two Docus:

THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE AIR 26 min. 2011 Director : Iram Ghufran

CALL CUTTA Director: Anjan Dutt, 48 min., 2006

DOCUMENTARY CIRCLE of HYDERABAD (DocuCircle) works to bring closer to audiences the kind of revelation and critical understanding good documentaries can provide , the art as well as the adventure of it! Promoting good documentary cinema and creating a vibrant docu culture in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh : that's what we have been working for! Starting off with a historical 8-day Hyderabad'i' Documentary and Short Film Festival (March, 2005), DocuCircle has been sourcing and screening some of the best contemporary documentary films, especially indie films. We take pride in inviting accomplished contemporary Indian documentary film makers to Hyderabad and show a significant part of their work. DocuCircle has, at present, two screening programmes every month : DOC.SPLASH! at 7.00 pm on the second Wednesday (normally) of every month at Lamakaan and POINT OF VIEW at 5.30 pm on the fourth Saturday (normally) of every month at Goethe-Zentrum. Launched in July, 2010, DOC.SPLASH! endeavours to showcase the range and variety of documentary cinema, both contemporary and from the past. As also to stimulate the proactive social and aesthetic impulses that docus can generate. We work in collaboration with Goethe-Zentrum, Hyderabad, Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad, U.S. Consulate General, Hyderabad, Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, Navatarangam and Lamakaan as also other organizations and institutions. Every few months we hold a short festival of docus spread over a couple of days on a chosen theme. POINT of VIEW is a joint initiative of Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad, Goethe-Zentrum, Hyderabad and DocuCircle for screening documentaries on environment and livelihood issues. DocuCircle's screenings are invariably followed by animated discussions with the filmmakers themselves (if present) and with experts and activists from the concerned fields.