What is Lamakaan?
Lamakaan (the abode of homeless) is an inclusive cultural space that promotes and presents best of arts, literature, theatre, debate and dialogue with a commitment to being open and accessible.
Who are the people behind Lamakaan?
Lamakaan is run by the Lamakaan Trust, a non-profit entity. However, all the events and activities of Lamakaan are guided by its appointed curators, who have the complete freedom to explore the Lamakaan space.
How does Lamakaan work?
Lamakaan is a non-commercial collective. It is funded purely through private donations and generated revenues. We neither solicit nor accept corporate donations from corporations and businesses. Lamakaan does not take any margins or cuts from sales of tickets or artists’ works.
How do I Donate to Lamakaan?
You can send your checks addressed to Lamakaan Trust, Hyderabad. You can also send money online through paypal to Lamakaan.

How Can I perform/organize an event at Lamakaan?
All events at Lamakaan have to be curated / approved by any of the curators listed on this site. Send us an email about the kind of event you want to organize.
We don’t charge anyone for performing at Lamakaan, nor do we take any cut/margin from the ticket sales. However, we encourage performers make their art accessible and charge very little from the audience, visitors.
Open Mike Nights
Open Mike Nights are held every second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Anyone is welcome to perform, recite or enact in a twenty minute slot. You must contact the manager a day in advance to book your slot. (See the contacts page)
How do I get to Lamakaan?
Lamakaan is in the lane next to the Vengala Rao Park, (opposite the GVK One Mall) on Road 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. View Map
What kind of events are allowed/dis-allowed at Lamakaan?

Lamkaan's curators strive to strike a difficult balance ensuring that the premises is available to those who cannot otherwise find a good venue, keeping enough room available for people to hangout, work, study, create; opening up avenues for activities and voices that can easily get marginalized in the mainstream.

Broad policies are set by the executive body for the kind of programming that is encouraged at Lamakaan and iterpretation in specific instances is left to curators.

As a matter of policy, Lamakaan does not permit events that are:

1. Divisive or sectarian in their intent or content (this is fundamentally against Lamakaan's mission)

2. Directly or indirectly promote commercial ventures (there are other avenues avaialble in the city for these)

3. Aimed at self help/self improvement coaching (while we are not hostile to self help programmes, we feel that the universe of self help is too large and there are too many different advocates of different schools of thought. Lamakaan curators are not equipped to judge one as better than the other. Once we open the doors to them, we will find it difficult to accommodate others who need the same space.)