1.0 hrs
July 22, 2012 5:00 pm Sunday

What do three fretful men do in a Park?

We know what you’re thinking. “Fretful men don’t go to a Park these days. You can only find them in the corners in rundown or funky little pubs, where they sit and dunk beers or neat whiskey shots to feel better. At least till the next morning” Well, almost all men do that. But some men still go to a Park.

Yes they do.

They prefer an isolated Park bench in the shade of a tree. Some sit and read a book, some take a power nap and some fix their eyes on something exotic to find peace of mind.

If you don’t think they exist, you should come to Lamakaan on the 22nd of July. They’ll be there. Will they find the peace of mind they’re looking for? We believe that’s something even they don’t know yet.

Written by Manav Kaul Directed by Feroze

Sifar is a group of young theatre enthusiasts based in Hyderabad who joined hands in 2009 to entertain audience with quality theatre.