'Dhairye Sahase' Film Screening
2.0 hrs
December 31, 2019 7:00 pm Tuesday

'Dhairye Sahase (2019)' is the first Indian Thriller Fantasy short film in Telugu with advanced VFX. A first of its kind, it tells the story about a young man's fight against dangerous force by believing in his own skills. It has an inspiring message that is relevant to the current circumstances in the society. English subtitles available.

Raja Krishna M
I am an actor and filmmaker from Hyderabad. I am the Writer, Editor, Producer, Director and Lead Actor of the movie 'Dhairye Sahase (2019)' which I am submitting for Lamakaan screening. I also made a film called 'Flying Colors' in 2015 which talks about women freedom. It's on YouTube. Currently, I am taking Acting course in Madhu Film Institute, Hyderabad, and focusing on writing and acting career in films.