Mandela- Screening & Dialogue
3.5 hrs
March 07, 2020 12:00 pm Saturday

The event will feature a screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom followed by an open floor dialogue on Mandela's legacy and his lasting impact. The hosting organization, Global Ambassadors for Peace through Tourism (GAPT) is an organization that strives to initiate conversations about Peace, Conflict, and leaders who have revolutionized the world. The organization's goal is to initiate a large scale peace movement with the use of grass roots efforts. On the same note, this movie screening is intended for a dialogue that bridges movements of racial discrimination in the past to the present.

Global Ambassadors for Peace through Tourism
Global Ambassadors for Peace through Tourism is an international organization that was fundamentally founded to promote tolerance and free-mindedness. We believe that tourism makes the world smaller, creates peace & unity despite ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural differences. Tourism is an essential vehicle on the path to peace and world unity. GAPT endeavours to use Tourism as a force to promote peace and international security to leave the world better than we found it. GAPT envisions a world of meaningful interactions between individuals and communities of diverse cultures & languages. With tools to promote dialogue and understanding, gatherings to create a platform for the travel community to interact and engage in cultural dialogue, extend support for cultural and tourism exchange between countries, GAPT aims to draw out a path for more Peace, universal values, and intercultural understanding by hosting events, dialogues, conferences, global summits, consulting governments and also initiating Peace Journeys, globally.