Open House on Women Safety
2.0 hrs
March 08, 2020 7:00 pm Sunday

The safety of women has always been a contentious issue across India including in Hyderabad. Although the country is developing rapidly and women are joining the labor force in greater numbers and occupying senior positions more than ever before, the protection of women and their safety in the public space remains a critical issue. The issue came to the centre stage after the brutal rape and murder of Nirbhaya in Delhi in late 2012 and the young Disha in Hyderabad in late 2019. Both these incidents shocked the collective conscience of India but there are hundreds of other cases no less serious that do not make it to the headlines. We have set up a committee to study the issue of women safety in Greater Hyderabad and recommend some workable solutions. The idea is not only to keep women safe but also come up with measures to empower them.

The committee is working at express speed to finalize its report which includes examination of the status of women in the work environment including large companies. As part of its work the committee has planned on a couple of meetings with experts, students, women employees, women activists and lawyers whose evidence can be of value in preparing the report. In this context the first public interaction of the Committee will be held on March 8 (which also happens to be Women’s day) at 7 pm at Lamakaan. Please join in large numbers to make the exercise a meaningful one.

For your information the committee is as follows: 1. Anjana Sinha, IPS, Director, National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) Hyderabad

  1. Dr.Amir Ullah Khan, Economist & Professor at MCR HRDInstitute, Hyderabad.

  2. Ayesha Rubina, Corporator, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

  3. B Rachna Reddy, Advocate, Telangana High Court, Hyderabad.

  4. Kingshuk Nag, ex Resident Editor of The Times of India, Hyderabad is the Convener of the committee.

Kingshuk Nag in collaboration with Lamakaan.
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