Kids/Teens Japanese Workshop
1.0 hrs
December 29, 2020 1:00 pm Tuesday

Online Japanese Workshop for Kids & Teens

Date -24th-30th December

TimeSlots 3-4 p.m & 5-6 p.m

7Day #7Sessions Workshop

Dr. Rakhi Jain
MJLI was founded by Dr Rakhi Jain, a long-time Japan resident, with the primary objective of bridging the gap between India and Japan by promoting Japan and its unique language and culture in India. While in Tokyo, she worked as a Brand Tourism Ambassador for the government of Ota City (a Tokyo prefecture). She appeared in Japan's leading national newspapers and television channels for promoting tourism and culture, as part of her PR and media responsibilities. She was associated with various NGO's and Japanese public schools for the promotion of Indian culture in Japan. She is actively engaged with various Japanese government bodies to promote the Japanese language and culture in India. FB page @japanmanabu