Kuch Theater Kuch Zindagi
2.0 hrs
March 11, 2022 7:00 pm Friday

KUCH THEATER KUCH ZINDAGI Directed by Bhasker Shewalkar

Kuch Theater Kuch Zindagi is all about Prof. Bhasker Shewalkar’s untiring journey spanning over 6 decades of Theater career in which he directed as many as 90 plays in Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, English and Marathi. Many of these plays were adapted from Russian, German and English plays. In this tete a tete with Vinay Verma, Prof Shewalkar shall talk about his life and theater, recollecting some of the reminiscences, anecdotes & experiences.

Prof. Shewalkar is the Curator of Theater at Lamakaan & he is also the Founder-President of the Rangadhara Theatre Stream, the oldest surviving theater group of Hyderabad. After his retirement as a Professor from SN School of Performing Arts, University of Hyderabad, he has dedicated himself to practical theater, training, & mentoring of actors. The conversation will be interspersed with Reading from Untouched Play by Deepti Girotra, Reading from Sonata Play by Rita Ghosh & Reading from Qatl Play by Vinay Varma.

Entry is Free & Open to All!!!

Lamakaan: A Open Cultural Space. This event is part of Lamakaan’s 12th Anniversary Celebrations (from 11th March to 13th March of 2022). Lamakaan is Hyderabad’s Independent, Open Cultural Center devoted to the promotion of inclusiveness, liberal ideas through Literature, Music, Performances, Discussions, Theatre, Workshops, Exhibitions.