Hyderabad Remembers
2.5 hrs
March 13, 2022 4:30 pm Sunday

Hyderabad Remembers - A Discussion

Cities have a way of remembering. We remember grief and injury and pain collectively. We remember joy and pleasure and pride collectively. In March 2020, even as Lamakaan, the open cultural space of Hyderabad was celebrating its tenth anniversary, India went into a lockdown. An entire country of one and a quarter billion people entered a tunnel with no idea of what lay ahead. Since then, three waves of covid and several rounds of total and partial lockdowns, have left millions of households broken, economically, emotionally. Right through this, quietly hundreds of men and women rose to the occasion. Even as we were ourselves being infected, even as we were ourselves were losing near and dear, we rallied together to reach out. On this occasion of this 12th anniversary, of Lamakaan, we come together again to recall what we have been through. What we did. What dreams we put on hold. Please join us to hear the stories. Join us to tell your story.

Entry is Free & Open to All!!!

Lamakaan: A Open Cultural Space. This event is part of Lamakaan’s 12th Anniversary Celebrations (from 11th March to 13th March of 2022). Lamakaan is Hyderabad’s Independent, Open Cultural Center devoted to the promotion of inclusiveness, liberal ideas through Literature, Music, Performances, Discussions, Theatre, Workshops, Exhibitions.