All Roads Lead Where?
2.0 hrs
March 19, 2022 5:30 pm Saturday

All Roads lead somewhere- no? After all, they are meant to take us to one destination or another. From the Gali-koochi of small towns and villages to the M G Roads of the big metros; they offer us the promise of salvation- of one kind or another. Money, fame, jobs that pay the rent or the jobs that keep us in the chakki-peesing and peesing. But we are happy or at least try to be, as long as we are on a journey, find a likable misery and some company to go along with that misery. What if the destinations were changed midway? What if we end up in a loop - On the same journey, again and again and yet again? What then? Avatari Devi, along with other artists as part of Team B invite you on a journey of many kinds - through the inside and outside, through the highways seen and unseen. Journeys made and unmade over the past two years. "All Roads Lead Where?" is a space to share, learn and heal together through our memories of the pandemic.

Team b & HUL
Conceptualized and curated by Team b Supported by HUL