YOCS Special Session
3.0 hrs
March 26, 2022 4:30 pm Saturday

YOCS is a not-for-profit organization that promotes oratory and critical thinking through lively debates and discussions on topics ranging from politics, philosophy to science and technology. After hosting our sessions and meetings online for a long time since the pandemic, we would like to host a in-person session at Lamakaan. The session will consist of a minor, a 15 minute talk delivered by a member followed by an evaluation and a Q/A session and a major, a speaking session, where everyone present can speak on a given topic.

The Young Orators Club of Secunderabad
YOCS, established in 1969, is one of the oldest, community-led, oratory clubs of the country. With members spread across the globe, YOCS is transcending geographical boundaries amidst the pandemic by shifting its offline sessions to the online medium. A typical session includes an art review, a minor and a major. The sessions include multitudinous forms of oratory such as debates, group discussions, discourse on an eclectic mix of topics ranging from philosophy, politics, economics to science, technology and much more. The members gather to engage in public speaking activities, and any matter is acceptable for their speech as long as it conforms to the rules laid by the club. Each person present in the house gets to participate in the major session which is then followed by an individual evaluation. YOCS is a place for developing one's skills not only in the art of oratory but also to develop better communication skills and critical thinking. At YOCS, one learns through experience by delivering speeches, learning from evaluations and also by listening to fellow orators.