2.0 hrs
May 15, 2022 7:30 pm Sunday

We are budding Ghazals artists and hindustani musicians in Hyderabad. Planning to conduct a ghazal event at lamakaan with accompanying tabla and harmonium artists .

Planning to perform some of the most beautiful urdu poems and ghazals of Hariharan, mehdi hassan, Ghulam Ali, jagjit singh, Noor jahaan and other famous vocalists

Faheed Ali
Myself Faheed Ali, an aspiring ghazal singer and hindustani vocalists and student. Have been actively singing ghazal and organizing live shows on ghazals in Kerala. Currently settled in Hyderabad . One of my performace was shared by none other than padmasree Hariharan himself on his social media handles . You can check the video here. I have been collaborating with the amazing jyothi Sharma and her family practicing and performing ghazals together..