1.5 hrs
May 07, 2022 8:00 pm Saturday

It is a hindi comedy play that had been performed in year 2019 at Lamakaan and we would love to perform it again at our favorite stage.

Synopsis: The play revolves around a clinic that is run by a lady doctor who is a smart business woman. The heart of the play is actually the compounder of the clinic who is hopeless romantic and creates hilarious moments in an effort to win the lady love or to be precise "any lady's love". Will the compounder succeeds in finding love of his life or the cop from the opposite police station gets lucky will be interesting to watch. The play is compilation of jokes put together in a story form adding music and dance to add spice. Ollolomatta is a word commonly used by Hyderabadis which means "don't mind, its a joke".

Rafia Sultana
I have directed and written plays before and the ones that has been performed at Lamakaan are "Pyar ke Gurd Gobar Ghutale" and "Ollolomatta". Also have organized classical Hindustani concert at Lamakaan. Bringing in the popular Hindi comedy again and hoping to entertain the audiences at Lamakaan. The upcoming project, we are working on Telangana's first ever Hindi Broadway show that will be showcased in few months. We are thankful to Lamakaan to provide the hub, the motivation and lift to the wings where we could fulfill our dreams of being in the entertainment industry.