Neeti Rekhalu
1.0 hrs
May 05, 2022 8:00 pm Thursday

Neeti Rekahlu is a play that portrays love, it shows how relationships work and how actually true love is supposed to be. These days people get engaged and get married, but soon they leave each other or get divorced. The play gives a good message that relationships are meant to be for lifetime not for a couple of moments that today's generation has opted to. Written by V.V.R Sharma and directed by Dr. Sreeja Sadineni.

Jayasree Sreeja Sadineni
I've been running the Sree Jaya Arts (Cultural Association) since 2003. I have directed and produced 27 plays and as an actress, I've received more than 3000 awards. I've been doing plays since my childhood and hence I have 28 years of experience in Theatre Arts.