Baasira Maata ki Jai by ROADWAYZ
1.0 hrs
May 27, 2022 8:00 pm Friday

This is a Hindi comedy play based on our traditional value of not wasting food.

Wastage of Food is a major concern in today’s lifestyle. On one hand there are many who still sleep hungry and on the other hand there is casual food wastage.

All in all, this 40-minute-play will breeze you through with smiles & laughter and you will go back with a subconscious thought of - no wastage of food

"ROADWAYZ" is a theatre group that focuses on promoting the art of NUKKAD NATAK (street play) and doing meaningful theater. Today, OTT and TV have seeped into mostly every home, and live performances have become subdued. ROADWAYZ wants to make all efforts to keep the art of theatre at its glorious best. ROADWAYZ is the brain child of Capt. Ahmed, who has worked in various theatre productions as various characters. Besides being an actor, he also directs and writes. ROADWAYZ is all set to create a route map of success for all aspiring actors & theatre enthusiasts. In the process, we will make people break their shells and see themselves in a new light. ROADWAYZ metamorphoses. Period.