Drag for Kids
Drag Show
1.5 hrs
July 02, 2022 2:00 pm Saturday

Art is attractive and art is visible, every kid is curious and every kid wants to learn empathy, self love and be someone who can fight for their own space and time. But, do they learn it form traditional teaching?? No!

In order to teach kids about consent, acceptance, understanding, empathy and love, this is something we are bringing it to you. Drag tales is an exclusive kids' drag show where drag queens and kings become the canvas to teach kids about empathy, love, consent, sensitization, acceptance, and unbiased view point. This is bought for you by Dragvanti in association with Mobbera foundation.

This is an exclusive drag event for kids where we come and share stories of equality with children. these would be very fun stories, dances, and lots and lots of conversations with kids of all ages

patruni sastry
Patruni Sastry