Conscious Parenting by Soulkatha
2.0 hrs
August 06, 2022 10:30 am Saturday

Does it feel like your child has become a stranger to you? Do you feel disrespected and humiliated by your kid? Feel frustrated by how your words fall into deaf ears?

Gain insights on how to positively connect to your tween or teen in Soulkatha’s workshop where you’ll learn

To build strong boundaries and bridges not borders with your kid To talk in them in a way that they will listen Take a sneak-peek into your kid’s mind Techniques to turn yelling matches into conversations Strengthen positive connection and get rid of negative reinforcers

If you ever have wished your child came with a manual, this is your chance to grab one!

Join us on Saturday August 6th 10.30-12.30pm at Lamakaan to build a bond of trust and love with your child.

Karishma is the founder of Soulkatha and Yoga Parent. She has been a practitioner of yoga, wellbeing and consciousness for over a decade. Training with yoga masters, specialised therapists and healers in the UK, USA, Australia and India she has gained her own unique signature in helping people parent better and journey towards greater well-being. As a conscious parenting coach she uses the principles and philosophy of Yoga to guide parents into a thriving parent-child relationship. Karishma believes that parenting can be a truly enriching and empowering experience when you learn the right skills and framework. We are on insta on and