Mad House
1.5 hrs
July 31, 2022 8:00 pm Sunday

Mad house is a total comedy stage show dealing with shared office spaces. It deals with various professionals under the same roof as startups and how an accident of one party ends up with another party in order to save their lives. It has music, comedy, and promises to entertain nonstop for an hour and a half. This will be a ticketed event at Rs 150/- per person Mad House is a total non stop hilarious comedy that you dont want to miss. After the successful hosting of comedy play "Ollolomatta", we are going a step further bringing comedy to its best that promises to make you laugh and create some good memories.

Rafia Sultana
Rafia Sultana is the writer and director of several plays and theatre is her passion. The wonderful platform at Lamakaan has made us grow so much that we now host all our shows under our company called Raffu Chakkar Entertainers. Thank you Lamakaan! If it was not you, we wouldn't be here either!