Mapping the Chevella Banyans
Press meet
1.0 hrs
August 11, 2022 6:00 pm Thursday

An informal citizen's group, The Nature Lovers of Hyderabad, have been documenting and creating awareness about the stretch of over 900 banyan trees that line the road between Chevella and Manneguda on the Vikarabad road. These 100-year-old trees and the rich habitat they represent, are under threat of being axed to make way for a four-lane highway. As part of this exercise, the group has systematically geotagged and photographed this stretch of trees in their effort to save them.

Nature Lovers of Hyderabad
Nature Lovers of Hyderabad is an informal citizen's group that conducts tree walks and awareness events on the natural heritage of the city. They launched the Save the Chevella Banyans campaign when it came to their notice that this unique stretch of trees was in danger of facing the axe.