1.5 hrs
November 20, 2022 8:00 pm Sunday

Shudrka Hyderabad presents Bengali play “EBAR DHORMORAJYO” (Comes Now Kingdom of Justice!) in which Gandhari and Kunti of Mahabharata meet on the last day of Kurukshetra war. If there is one issue that occurs again and again in this play, it is “Dharma”. It is perhaps the most debated and yet perhaps the most compromised. The play unhinges classical interpretation of the epic, while at the same time using the incidents in the epic to enunciate moral and ethical concerns and elaborate on the meanings of “Dharma” in the current context.

Shudrka Hyderabad, an amateur theatre group based in the twin city of Hyderabad-Secunderabad, has been performing plays in Hindi, Bangla and Telugu since 2004. Some of its major productions are Kinu Kahar Ka Thitre, Totha Bole, Kissa Andher Nagri Ka, Ek Shaam Premchand Ke Naam in Hindi; Aajir, Ek Soirachari Rajar Katha, Sararattir, Gadha Kahini in Bengali, Mandi Kosam, Gaddi Karchina Desham and Rakshasudi Thota in Telugu; Oka Anokha Roopkatha Chalk Circle – a multi-lingual production.