On Page, On stage.
Performing arts
3.0 hrs
November 27, 2022 6:30 pm Sunday

1.A song “Hamein Chahieye Ulfath” is composed by a young pianist and singer Nirvan Athreya and co-created with the singers from Shaheen Women Resource and Welfare Association. Nirvan Athreya is a pianist and composer from Hyderabad, India. He collaborates with singers and artists from across India and around the world. He also works as an educator and film composer. In 2016 he was awarded a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music where he graduated in Contrmporary writing and production. The music composer and singer Nirvan will perform a song, conceptualised and co-created with the singers from Shaheen.

2.The Telugu poet Joopaka Subhadra who is a powerful Dalit poet and writer, who has written poems and short stories that bring out the lives and conditions of the Dalits, and more specifically Dalit women. Many of her stories are drawn from her own experiences. This is what makes her stories so compelling, convincing and disturbing.She will present her poems with translations.

3.Adivasi women will present their song. The Jai Jangubai Adivasi Mahila Sangham from Komram Bhim Asifabad, Telangana will present a Gond song on their lives and struggles as Adivasi women.

4.Jameela Nishat will read her poetry and Uma Damodar will read the translations into English..

5.Yakshi Resource and Creative Centre will present a play directed by Madhusudhan Nadempalli. "Iddi Inthena ?" or ‘Is that it ?’- is a collaborative Forum theatre production by Yakshi and the Kudali Learning Centre, Telangana. It emerged from a ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ workshop facilitated by Madhu, with Dalit, Bahujan and Muslim youth and elders from the Satya Shodhaka Yuvajan Sangham in Sangareddy district, Telangana, and deals with the lived realities of caste and patriarchal oppression.

Shaheen women's resource and welfare association, Hyderabad.
Shaheen Women’s Resource and Welfare Association (also known as Shaheen), established and registered in 2002, is a women-led, grassroot level organisation based in the heart of Old City, Hyderabad. Shaheen works for the empowerment of women and girls and communal harmony. one of the major activity of shaheen is Qawwali.. Shaheen has successfully adopted Qawwali for its activities for twin reasons – firstly, to break the stereotype of Qawwals (singers) to be only men, and secondly, to create awareness in the community through Qawwalis on women’s rights. The Qawwalis performed by the dedicated interventionists of the organisation are unique in nature, with their focus on gender issues. Nirvan is a young Music composer and producer of folk songs he will compose the song with shaheen team and perform. Yakshi organization group will give a theatre performance (Theatre of the Oppressed). Subhadra Dalit telugu women poet will present her poetry.