Celebrating Constitution Day
3.0 hrs
November 26, 2022 4:30 pm Saturday

Surge Impact Foundation invites interested citizens and members from non-profit and civil society organisations to participate in a roundtable event commemorating the Constitution Day 2022. At this crucial juncture in our country’s democratic history, where engaging in a more vigorous constitutional discourse and furthering constitutional values is needed more than ever to preserve democratic ideals and the rule of law, this event would provide a great opportunity to come together, pause and reflect on the present-day relevance of our constitution, and imagine ways of embedding its spirit in our local and regional contexts. The aim of this event is to exchange ideas and serve as the basis for creating a network of individuals/organisations championing the advancement of constitutional values and culture in the state of Telangana.

Surge Impact Foundation
Surge Impact Foundation is a Section 8 company that has a dedicated team with experience in working for socio-economically disadvantaged and marginalised groups and also has engaged and supported MSME, Social enterprises and Social startups through an incubator and accelerator program. Presently, Surge Impact runs a program – Mana Rajyangam, aimed at increasing constitutional engagement and literacy in the state of Telangana.