The Wisest fool on Earth
1.0 hrs
December 02, 2022 8:00 pm Friday





And gay! Just imagine, he is locked in a luxurious bathroom. And then, flushes down several humorous tales in his confinement, however, what does he have to genuinely share with us?

Dear Friend, Sifar invites you to a monologue The Wisest Fool on Earth Written by R Raj Rao | Enacted by Feroze So, be there at 8 PM sharp to catch "The Wisest Fool on Earth". Despite being locked up in a bathroom, he still gives a crap about being wanted! Whether this belief stays, or withers away to repeat history, is the twist that's kept for the end. But, how in the world did he end up in the loo and what hopes does he have in store (of “coming out”)?

Come, and witness a tale of failure, frustration, freedom and fulfillment showered with humor.

Sifar Theatre Group
Sifar is a group of young theatre enthusiast based in Hyderabad, who joined hands in 2009 to entertain the audience with quality theatre. We regularly stage plays for Children Home for Boys, and Observation Home for Boys (juvenile prison) to entertain them and keep them connected to the outside world. We have produced 14 productions with over 100 performances all over India.