Citizen Sabha -Brainstorming
2.0 hrs
July 01, 2023 11:00 am Saturday

We are having a brainstorming session on "How to teach the Constitution." We recently started an initiative called Citizen Sabha to spread awareness about our constitutional values.

Citizen Sabha:

Constitutional literacy is very low these days; our responsibility is to spread awareness about salient features of our Constitution and its significance in our Nation's building. Therefore, we have launched a program called "Citizen Sabha," where people of all age groups will participate in discussing the Preamble of the Constitution, Fundamental rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, and other aspects. Through citizen sabha, we all meet and look back at 75 years of India's constitutional democracy and envision a progressive future for all.

Brainstorming Session @ 1st July at 11 Am All are Invited

Akarsh Sriramoju
I see myself as a socio-political reformer and also an educational psychologist. Recently, I started a long-term campaign called Samagra Serilingamapally, and this initiative is to make the serilingampally constituency an inclusive and sustainable place to live. Initially, I started "citizen sabha" through this campaign from my place, but now I also want to do such programs in other parts of Hyderabad as well.