Embracing Randomness by Pooja
2.5 hrs
August 20, 2023 3:00 pm Sunday
A discussion on mental health will focus on the random little things that happen around us; sometimes we get so engrossed in our busy schedules we don't really embrace who we are, what are we feeling and most importantly are we breathing well. This is not a talk, but a quality discussion wherein the attendees get the opportunity to speak about their mental health battles. This event is open for all. Anybody and everybody can speak their hearts out and trust the speaker, every single statement of yours will be heard. It will also involve some random playful activities which will facilitate the quality discussion.
Pooja M Gupta
I am Pooja Gupta and I am a consultant psychologist. I am a Podcaster and the founder of Random Capsule- a mental health platform to cater to your mental health needs. My career life pretty much revolves around raising awareness about mental health.