Good Doctor & Match Fixing
2.0 hrs
September 03, 2023 8:00 pm Sunday

Samahaara Workshop Productions presents

A double bill of comedies

An adaptation of Anton Chekhov`s short stories by Neil Simon as

"GOOD DOCTOR" (English Play)


A Vijayalakshmi`s

"MATCH FIXING" (Telugu Play)

Directed by Rathna Shekar


The Good doctor is an adaptation of Anton Chekhovs short stories by Neil Simon. The short stories are narrated by a writer struggling with Writers block and his own artistic temperament. Witness as he takes you through his stories, be it either the puzzling tale of a employee sneezing on his boss or a deranged old woman who storms a bank and drives the manager mad, or any of his other eccentric tales.

MATCH FIXING What happens when someone presents their neighbours daughter as their own for a match making process? Come witness the chaos as this hilarious comedy tries to deal with one such situation.