Read a Kitaab - November Meet-Up
2.0 hrs
November 19, 2023 10:30 am Sunday

We are Read A Kitaab book club and have around 16,000 members globally. We meet every month to discuss books and exchange ideas and thoughts. We will be doing a book swap and talk about a wide variety of topics in the realm of books and literature. Our monthly meet will be on Sunday 19th November.

About us: Read A Kitaab is an unbiased community of Readers, Booklovers, writers and artists. We strive to provide the community an ecosystem with an online library, book discussions, author meet, book of the month, monthly meets, newsletters & much more...

We love kids for who we have a kids book club. Read A Kitaab is a calm & comfort space to be yourself, to discuss books and life with no bars on age/gender/ethnicity/political views etc.

For more info Pl visit our website

And we are on Instagram @readakitaab

Avinash Denduluri
Poet and writer, book club moderator