Mazahiya mizaaj e manto
1.0 hrs
November 26, 2023 8:00 pm Sunday

Saadat Hasan Manto is known to most of us as the ‘serious, brooding’ playwright. But Manto also authored a series of hilarious urdu radio plays on the bitter-sweet squabbles between couples.

Each play’s title begins with Aao… (Come) and the series is written around three primary characters, Kishore, his wife Lajwanti and his friend Narayan. Darpan Theatre Group presents Mazhaiya Mizaj E Manto, his comical take on the sweet and tangy relationship between a couple and will be staging two stories from Manto’s lesser-known ‘Aao...’ series, Aao Khoj Karein and Aao Kahani Likhein. The plot revolves around delightful banter between Kishore and Lajwanti and the timely interception of Narayan in each new situation.

Aao kahani likhein’ has Lajwanti insisting that she and Kishore “write a story together”. Narayan joins them and three drive the story in three different directions till they end up with a real comical script.

Aao Khoj Lagayein is a story where Kishore tries to find the thief and how they react when they come to know about the thief's motive behind stealing?

As Darpan revisits plays from Manto's Aao series, be a part of this beautiful adventure and witness the humorous scrapes and escapades between the Kishore, Lajwanti and Narayan

Darpan theatre
Darpan theatre