Terms and conditions to hold events
Please read the following rules:
  • Lamakaan is closed for events on Monday.
  • Please note the spelling of Lamakaan. Please use the exact same spelling in all communication.
General rules:
  • All events have to be open for all. They cannot be invite-only.
  • Events with corporate sponsorship are not allowed
  • Ticket for any event cannot exceed Rs. 100. The charges for classes and workshops can vary however.
  • Sale of any material is NOT permitted in the premises. Only the works of the performer(s)/artist(s) who are at the event can be sold.
  • To conduct any meetings with greater than 10-15 people please inform us in advance.
  • An exact same event cannot be repeated in 6 months. However, it can be organized back to back.
  • An event request can be done only two months before the event date. For example, for an event in April, one can apply only in February.
  • One theater can book only one Saturday or one Sunday in a month. This is to cater weekends to as many different groups as possible. Week days (Tue-Fri) however, can be booked up to two per month.
Organizers are expected:
  • To set up and manage the ticket counter for any ticketed events.
  • To chip in with the arrangements of the event. Lamakaan is a not-for-profit organization and is typically short of man power.
  • To have visited the venue prior to the event.
  • To arrive at the venue at least one hour before the scheduled time of the event.
Charges for utilization of the space:
  • No charge for events that do not charge attendees.
  • Rs. 500 for events with entry fee less than or equal Rs. 50.
  • Rs. 1000 for events with entry fee greater than Rs. 50 and less than or equal to Rs. 100.
  • Rs. 150 for every 2 hours to utilize the space for rehearsals.
  • Rs. 150 per hour to conduct classes or workshops.
Other charges:
  • Rs. 200 to use the projector.
  • Rs. 500 cancellation charges will be levied for cancelling an event in less than 15 days from the event date.
  • Phone: 9642731329
  • Email: lamakaan@gmail.com